Medical Dermatology

We offer Cosmetic, Medical and Surgical Dermatology services, but your journey to healthy skin has to start with Preventive Dermatology.


Starts with regular skin check especially for fair-skin individuals. Lifetime risk of non-melanoma skin cancers among Caucasian Americans is now 1 in 3. The prevalence of melanoma was 1 in 33 among all Americans in 2007/2008. Cure rate for melanoma in situ is 95-99% if caught and intervened early.
Sun protection and smoking cessation form the basis of Preventive Dermatology. Almost all signs of skin aging and many of the ‘barnacles of wisdom’ are triggered by the effects of the ultraviolet rays from the sun. In addition, smoking has been proven to accelerate wrinkles as well.
Dr. Rosinska strongly urges against the usage of tanning bed. Tanning bed exposure is definitely not safer than sun exposure. There is an increased risk of melanoma among tanning bed users, particularly among young white females.


Dr. Rosinska has expertise in treating the entire spectrum of medical dermatology, with emphasis in preventive medicine and personalized recommendations. She enjoys taking care of patients with acne, eczema, hair and nail disorders, rashes, psoriasis and skin cancers.


  1. Photodynamic Therapy and Blue Light therapy
  2. Hormonal therapy for women
  3. Cortisone injection for painful acne cysts & nodules
  4. Holistic approach (vitamins, detox and cleansing)
  5. Smoothbeam laser for scar revision
  6. JetAcne for deep pore cleaning and painless extractions
  7. Topical care with state-of-the-art CLENZIderm System by Obagi and SebRx by Revision
  8. Acid & Chemical Peels


  1. Comprehensive skin allergy patch test work up
  2. Non-steroid containing medications available
  3. Innovative non greasy barrier cream based on replenishing calcium on the skin
  4. Food intolerance/food colorings and preservatives testing


  1. Comprehensive work up including blood work and biopsy if necessary
  2. Systemic oral hormonal therapy for women and men when indicated
  3. Maximize therapeutic synergy and efficacy by utilizing both prescription-strength and over-the counter products available
  4. Office-dispensed shampoo/solution/vitaminic supplements to maximize hair growth
  5. LED/Low Level Laser Light for Hair Rejuvenation


  1. LED/Low Level Laser Light for faster clearing of plaques and to minimize the need for systemic medications
  2. State of the art topical and systemic therapy including Biologics therapy such as Humira, Enbrel, Raptiva, and Remicade
  3. Therapy with Metothrexate for simultaneous relief of both psoriatic arthritis and psoriasis


  1. Multi-prong approach to minimize redness
  2. Fotofacial/IPL laser
  3. KTP laser for facial veins
  4. Emphasis on prevention
  5. Topical skin care specifically formulated for sensitive rosacea skin
  6. Prescription antibiotics


  1. Emphasis on prophylactic treatments with topical 5-FU, imiquimod, and oral chemopreventive therapy such as Soriatane
  2. Reduce future risks of skin cancer with photodynamic therapy, TCA chemical peels and/or laser treatments
  3. Close collaboration with plastic surgeons as needed


  1. Botox Injections
  2. Topical Products


  1. Permanent Cosmetics
  2. Camouflage Techniques


  1. Non-Painful treatment options for kids and adults
  2. Cryotherapy

To see the whole spectrum of cosmetic dermatology services offered at Body Focus, please check our “Aesthetic Services” section.

  1. Allergy skin patch test
  2. Cryotherapy
  3. Excisional surgery
  4. Incision and drainage
  5. Intralesional steroid injection for painful cysts and itchy bumps
  6. Intramuscular steroid injection for rashes
  7. Laser therapy / Photorejuvenation
  8. Mole/skin tags removal
  9. Photodynamic therapy
  10. RadioFrequency to remove skin lesions/broken capillaries
  11. Skin biopsy