Whole Body Vibration

Applications For Better Life

Through TurboSonic exercise, you can improve your strength, endurance, stability, and flexibility without the constraints of conventional exercise. TurboSonic can be effectively and popularly used in fitness centers, total beauty concept salons or spas.

General Training: Improving body balance, flexibility and circulation

Using TurboSonic, the same effect of regular aerobic exercises can be accomplished with a maximum effect of exercise with a minimum amount of time, compared to other exercise methods.

Strength Training : Increasing muscle strength

TurboSonic exercise stimulates fast twitch muscle fiber to produce powerful muscles. Proportion and ability of such fast-twitch muscle fiber acts as an element that helps to decide the outcome of a race for athletes requiring extra power for a short amount of time, such as athletes at running, jumping and throwing sports. Exercise using TurboSonic also improves endurance of muscle, which is to improve the function of slow twitch muscle fiber.

Diet and Beauty Clinic: Easy-to-use and effective for people who dislike exercising

TurboSonic exercise accelerates blood circulation and lymph drainage, strengthens collagen and stimulates muscle fiber ultimately helping in the fight against cellulite. Whole body vibration exercise prompts intestinal movement and improves the overall function of the intestinal tract. WBV also reduces excessive body fat by increasing the vibrational recruitment of body fat during exercise and maintains the elasticity of the skin by enhancing the function of the connective tissues and the bodies circulatory system.

Revitalization : Anti-aging

TurboSonic exercise can help the elderly achieve a healthy and active lifestyle. TurboSonic helps by improving blood circulation, digestion and flexibility. All this helps to promote a more active lifestyle.