Eyelash Perming & Tinting


If you would like to have perfectly flipped-up lashes 24-hours a day, no eyelash curler required, then lash perming is a procedure for you. The way it works is that your lashes are treated with a special glue, and then wrapped around a mini sponge-y roller. While holding your eyes tightly shut, the perming solution is applied to the upturned lash, and then it is left to set for about five minutes. The result is that "wide-awake" look, which lasts for two to three months.

*  No need for an eyelash curler, lashes stay curled for up-to 4 months
*  Eliminates make-up problems such as allergic reactions to make-up
*  No smears, no smudges, no running, always perfect
*  Lashes appears longer and fuller when curled and tinted

However, you should know that while the normal eyelash has a lifespan of about five months, perming chemicals can be damaging to the lash, making them fall out even sooner.

Busy women love the eyelash tinting procedure because it saves them precious minutes that were previously spent on perfecting their eyelashes every morning. Additionally, tinted lashes do not require the constant maintenance throughout the day that mascara or false lashes do.
The process of eyelash tinting involve the careful placement of a semi-permanent dye to the lashes, creating the dramatic visual effect of having darker, longer, fuller eyelashes. The procedure is one of the fastest ways one can enhance their eye features at a minimal costs.
Eyelash tinting is a safe procedure, but not altogether without risks. The most common reactions to eyelash tinting that have been reported, are a slight burning or stinging in the ocular region that is typically accompanied by watery eyes. These side effects generally dissipate within a few minutes after the procedure has been completed.

Take the opportunity to get an eyelash perm in addition to dying the lashes. We offer a discount when the two treatments are performed in conjunction.