The Red Light (LIGHTWAVE) treatment is truly the first Low Level Light Therapy system designed specifically for dermal enhancement and rejuvenation. Most current medical responses to skin aging involve invasive, painful, and often very expensive means of correction. Red Light Therapy (LIGHTWAVE) offers a non-invasive approach that can be used regularly to reduce the appearance of the problem areas that otherwise would have to be corrected with extensive surgeries and laser treatments.


LIGHTWAVE provides infrared (invisible to the eye) and visible red light that helps the cells of the human tissue, the same way sunlight helps the cells of plants, process and utilize food and air, into usable energy.


As we all inevitably age, our skin slowly loses its ability to heal and reconstruct itself. Decreasing collagen and elastin (necessary in maintaining the healthy appearance and vitality of the skin) and reduced productivity of aged and damaged cells (causing acne, wrinkles, sun spots, hyper-pigmentation)- can become overwhelming.
Red Light gives the skin necessary aid to reduce bothersome signs of aging.


  1. Facial Rejuvenation – Red Light therapy helps rehydrate the face and increase collagen formation…reducing fine lines and wrinkles, it also reduces flaccidity, lifts sagging tissues and restores skin tone. 10 treatments are recommended (twice weekly for the first 2 or 3 weeks then once weekly). Maintenance can prolong the youthful appearance once or twice a month as required.
  2. Wrinkles – Red Light therapy improves wrinkles around the eyes and mouth with less emphasis on flaccidity. Noticeable “crows feet” or “smokers mouth” are significantly improved after 10 treatments (2 per week for 2 weeks followed by weekly sessions).
  3. Cellulite – Intense Red Light increases circulation to the dermis bringing more nutrients to the area, while stimulation of lymphatic drainage leaves the skin smooth with improved texture. Cellulite requires 2 treatments per week. Number of treatments depends on the severity of cellulite: 5-6 sessions for cellulite type I (almost unnoticeable except when squeezed), 10-15 for cellulite type II (noticeable when standing, including dimpling) and 20-30 for cellulite type III (severe dimpling and lipodistrophy).
    Red Light therapy can help control cellulite when applied regularly and followed up by monthly maintenance. It’s always encouraged to compliment the treatments with increased exercise and special “cellulite” diet to prolong the results.
  4. Scars – intense infrared light stimulates the reduction of fibrotic scar tissue and formation of normal tissue.You can usually notice softening and flattening of scar tissue in one or two sessions. Red Light therapy is effective on old scars as well as new.We recommend 10 to 15 sessions for old scars and 20 to 25 for large hypertrophic and/or keloid scars.
  5. Stretch Marks – Red Light reduces the appearance of stretch marks by breaking down the subdermal scarring and stimulating circulation to reduce flaccidity. It helps thicken the thin, paper-like skin of “thin” stretch marks and assists in softening and flattening “thick” stretch marks. Red Light is effective for new and old, flat and raised stretch marks.
    For flat stretch marks 10-15 sessions are required. Darker skin and deep stretch marks may require more sessions
  6. Sagging Skin – This program focus on skin retraction by increasing circulation and bringing nutrition to damaged tissue thanks to Red Light stimulation. It’s particularly effective over the abdomen, neck and upper chest.Treatments should be twice per week and may require between 10 to 15 treatments.
  7. Sun Spots/Hyperpigmentation – Red Light therapy improves discoloration caused by sun damage, environmental build-up and chemical reactions from excessive use of skin damaging products. Intense Red Light normalizes the abnormal melanin deposits in the skin.Amount of treatments will vary depending on the amount of damage to the skin and the age of the person. Mild conditions require 10-12 treatments. Moderate approximately 15 treatments and Severe are best treated with combination therapy of IPL and/or laser followed by 10 treatments of LightWave Therapy.
  8. Acne/Rosacea – Red Light therapy helps normalize inflammation and redness associated with problem skin. It also helps achieve evenness of texture and color. Red Light is beneficial for acne blemishes and oily skin. This process may require 10 or more treatments with maintenance.
  9. Hair Rejuvenation – Red Light Therapy increases superficial circulation to the scalp, improving the health of hair (shine, thickness and fullness). It’s recommended as a maintenance treatment for patients with recently transplanted hair and also for alopecia areata, male-type balding, hair loss associated with thyroid disease, post-pregnancy, or chemotherapy-related hair loss.Treatments are twice weekly for at least five weeks or until desired results are achieved.
  10. Acute Pain/Wound Healing – Red Light therapy alleviates inflammation due to acute pain associated with trauma/sports injury and improves wound healing. Best if used within 72 hours of any traumatic event. We recommend 2 treatments weekly until inflammation and discomfort has subsided.
  11. Chronic Pain – Fibromyalgia, arthritis, lupus, neuropathies. Treatments should be twice weekly for three weeks followed by weekly sessions until desired results are obtained.