Botox for Men


BOTOX® Cosmetic is certainly not just for women. Women may talk about their looks more often, but men are concerned about their appearance as well. Why shouldn’t they? A man who goes to the gym to work out and cares about his clothes and grooming is a man who not only cares about his appearance, but what it says about him personally, as well as in business.

A man who has pronounced lines between his brows may be perceived as angry or stressed-and he doesn’t want to look that way. That’s why its not surprising that men are also choosing BOTOX® Cosmetic, a non­surgical, physician administered treatment. BOTOX® Cosmetic treatment requires little time out of the office. So, it’s possible to have the procedure done during a lunch hour and head right back to the office.


BOTOX®™ is an extract of botulinum toxin and when injected into areas of the skin that produce excess sweat, effectively reduces sweat production for many months. BOTOX®™ injections to the sweat-producing areas of the armpits, palms or feet can frequently provide relief for as long as 10-12 months. An alternative treatment for hyperhidrosis is surgical removal of the sweat glands.


Excessive palms sweating may become embarrassing for many professionals having to shake hands frequently (business meetings, job interviews, sales transactions). BOTOX®™ injections are an effective remedy for palmar hyperhidrosis (sweating of the palms of the hands) and relief can last many months.