Beautiful Body

At Body Focus Laser and Longevity Center, we help you achieve the beautiful body you have always wanted with a variety of customizable, cosmetic solutions. Whether you are looking for a way to enhance your curves, rejuvenate your skin or eliminate imperfections that have always bothered you, we can help. Our highly trained staff offers procedures to turn back the clock, create more sensuous curves and give you the body you are sure to love!


Body Focus offers the following body procedures:

• Medically-supervised weight loss programs
• Non-invasive body shaping and fat reduction procedures
• Skin tightening to improve the overall effect of body contouring and reverse loose, sagging skin
• “Mommy Makeovers” – customizable procedures to restore the pre-pregnancy body
• Removal of moles, skin tags and vascular lesions with the innovative radiofrequency energy and DC current of Vascutouch.
• Skin rejuvenation of problem areas like the hands, ears and nose with injectable treatments of the revolutionary dermal filler Radiesse
• Removal of telltale age spots on the hands and other areas with effective laser or IPL treatments
• Reduction of the appearance of stretch marks from the thighs, buttocks and abdominal area
• Restoration of hair growth using the popular new light therapy Lightwave
• Removal of unsightly spider vein networks from the legs or other areas using minimally-invasive injectable treatments known as sclerotherapy

Procedure Overview

Body treatments at Body Focus are minimally-invasive and relatively comfortable for the patient. We strive to make sure every one of our patients enjoys a positive experience, no matter what type of treatment they are seeking. In some cases, treatments can be completed in a short period of time in our office. Other treatments may involve both office visits and home care to achieve desired results.

The staff at Body Focus is committed to your comfort, safety and positive results. We will take the time to understand exactly what your goals are for your cosmetic treatment and help you achieve those goals as closely as possible. We use the latest technology and innovations to provide you with the best possible results in the least amount of time. Our wide range of treatment options allows us to customize your procedure to your specific concerns and desired results.

Body Focus Laser and Longevity Center can help you enhance your body so you can look your absolute best. To learn more about our services, contact the Body Focus team at 432-688-1900.