VISIA Skin Analysis

The VISIA™ Digital Complexion Analysis System makes it possible for the first time to scan your skin and record surface and subsurface skin conditions such as wrinkles, spots, pores, evenness, and photo damage. Using multi-spectral digital analysis, the VISIA™ Complexion Analysis System gives us the tools to plan a treatment program and customize a skin care regimen based on your unique complexion profile.

At BODY FOCUS, we recommend that a Digital Skin Analysis be performed during your initial one-on-one Skin Evaluation, as the results of the analysis provide the framework for creating a personalized facial rejuvenation programs that are designed to obtain optimal improvement in your skin color and texture. Once your VISIA imaging session is complete, we can compare your findings to those of a similar age and skin type and determine an actual percentile score to help access changes from treatment.

Your VISIA™ Digital Complexion Analysis is the first step toward achieving optimal skin rejuvenation. With the information obtained from this analysis, an individualized program can be designed. As your treatments progress, The VISIA™ Digital Complexion Analysis system provides invaluable assistance in tracking the changes in your skin and monitoring the effectiveness of the program.

Digital imaging is an easy and painless process. After cleansing the skin, the patient is made comfortable in front of the VISIA image booth. A digital image is recorded under natural as well as ultra-violet light. The image is then analyzed using an advanced computer program first developed as a skin care research tool.

Each session takes about 10 to 15 minutes. The images and analysis are stored in a secure hard drive where they can be accessed as needed for comparison. A printed report with full-color images along with our recommendations for ongoing skin care provides a record of your imaging session that you may take home.