Skin Rejuvenation


Selphyl injectable filler is patented dermal filler system that uses your own blood to increase skin volume and trigger new collagen growth. It can provide a natural-looking improvement using your body’s own capacity for repair and regeneration.

During treatment, a small amount of blood is collected and separated into a concentration of platelets and fibrin or PRFM (Platelet-rich Fibrin Matrix). The PRFM is then injected back into the skin to increase and restore skin volume.

As you may know, platelets and fibrin are what help the blood to clot; however, when they are purified and injected back into the skin, they appear to stimulate the growth of new collagen. Collagen, the prototypical dermal filler, is what gives skin its fullness and suppleness.

Because Selphyl™ uses patient’s own platelets instead of artificial materials; there is virtually no risk of allergic reaction. This natural procedure is performed by Dr. Rosinska in her office and takes only about 20 minutes, rejuvenating without swelling, bruising or lumping. Increased skin volume and amazing rejuvenation occurs over a few weeks as new collagen and blood vessels develop – while your own tissues virtually reverse the signs of aging naturally.

Selphyl™ can be used in areas of the face and body to stimulate cell proliferation, increasing volume and skin rejuvenation. By injecting Selphyl™ into your skin we can improve wrinkles, folds and scars (including acne scars) on your face in a natural way, without surgery or lasers.

Patients have seen long lasting results with visible effects noted as early as 3 weeks after injection.



  1. Selphyl™ uses your own blood’s natural resources to treat wrinkles
  2. Selphyl™ triggers cell migration/proliferation to increase skin volume
  3. Selphyl™ rejuvenates without swelling, bruising, lumping or allergic reaction
  4. Selphyl™ employs the safe & rapid preparation of PRFM – Platelet-rich Fibrin Matrix – which results in a smooth gel for natural treatment
  5. Selphyl™ treatments can be used in any body area – without side effects
  6. Selphyl™ is great for both men & women who want to look younger
  7. Selphyl™ produces long lasting results

Selphyl™ is the next best thing to a facelift – without the surgery