Derma Sweep


There are thousands of supplements that can help you find your youth. Antiaging creams are abundant on the market but you should find out a little more of what it does, and how it interacts with keeping your skin from aging. Unfortunately people are in a mad dash to take whatever they have on the shelves before looking into creams that actually keep your face wrinkle free. Antiaging supplements like help keep wrinkles away from your eyes. Derma sweep is another valuable method of skin treatment to keep a tight, clean face.

Derma Sweep is a procedure that doesn’t use chemicals or lasers. It’s actually a treatment that is safe and doesn’t put you under the knife, or a complicated outpatient surgery. Derma Sweep uses microdermabrasion to treat skin problems. It can also be used for cosmetic purposes, to help keep skin looking healthy. Many people are using Derma Sweep to treat sun damaged skin, ageing spots, and fine lines and superficial blemishes.

Microdermabrasion or Derma Sweep procedures are safe and can be done is one treatment or even a series of treatments to help gain the desired look and health desired. What Derma Sweep is actually accomplishing is the exfoliation of the pours in the skin. It is a very simple and convenient treatment and does not hurt the patient. Before Derma Sweep is put in motion, every patient will go through a skin analysis to make sure that the microdermabrasion treatment will be effective. This process can remove superficial layers, or dead skin on the face and can help eliminate aging lines, hyperpigmentation, uneven skin textures, acne and other common skin conditions.

Derma Sweep uses a vacuum system with treatment tips. The tool or wand that the Doctor will use gently lifts the loose skin in the pores. This tool is calibrated for precision so that all targeted areas of the skin are treated correctly, and effectively. Each tip of the wand has different functions and depending on the condition, the Doctor will use the appropriate tip to complement the procedure and outcome. It is a safe tool that can even smooth out the skin surface and stimulate blood flow. If blood can stream through the skin with optimal performance, then the life of the skin area treated will be greatly extended. Blood is the lifeline that will encourage collagen formation that will firm and tone the skin.

Derma Sweep also has an option called the Epi-Infusion treatment that combines the exfoliation with the delivery of skin specific topical solutions that will allow the patient to feel like their skin is more natural and healthier looking skin. Topical solutions can help treat Acne, Dehydration and Hyperpigmentation. The Epi-Infusion wand is similar to the regular want but doesn’t just use the vacuum exfoliation process; it uses compounds that can be nested into the skin.

Skin creams won’t always help treat skin conditions, and aren’t always a solution to antiaging treatments. The Derma Sweep can help exfoliate the outermost layers of the skin on your face giving you a fresh clean image. The best part of the Derma Sweep procedure is that you don’t have to become admitted to the hospital and treatment can take as little as 30 minutes. It’s safe with HEPA filters and different tips to treat different skin problems. Derma Sweep will save you money from purchasing expensive creams and will prove to be a more effective solution to help your skin.